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Delivering regenerative and holistic solutions inspired by the Alpine natural bioregion for the Alpine economic, ecological, and social ecosystem.

Seasons of Transformations


Welcome to our Seasons of Transformation workshop series, where we harness the resilience of life to inspire holistic growth. In today's dynamic business landscape, innovation is imperative for adaptability and success. Join us on a transformative journey through four cutting-edge workshops, each unlocking new dimensions of organizational potential. From unlocking innovation to fostering collaboration, guiding change, and empowering resilience, we draw inspiration from nature's solutions to pave the way for sustainable growth and success. Embark with us on this journey towards transformative growth and thrive amidst flux and unpredictability.

Workshops available in English, French and German

Mountains in Fog


We are the first Think and Do Tank.

We deliver regenerative and holistic solutions inspired by the Alpine natural bioregion for the Alpine economic, ecological, and social ecosystem.

We believe in the power of collaboration, of innovative solutions, and of Nature's genius and wish to transform them into strategies for organizations, communities, and all stakeholders inhabiting the Alpine Arc.

Our Vision

We learn from Nature, from each other, from the past and the present for a more regenerative and sustainable future.

Through the harnessing of knowledge, existing initiatives, innovative frameworks, and the lessons we can see in our bioregions, we weave networks and collaborations to target our strategies, and actions to the precise challenges at hand.

What we offer

We believe in bridging disciplines, cultures, and borders. This means our solutions consist of multi-dimentional approaches of the context and the challenge at hand. We blend and adapt the following main focus areas to meet each project's specificities and needs.




Combining nature's wisdom and holistic approaches, we deliver optimized solutions and processes, ready to be implemented, scaled, and adopted.



Our extensive and diverse networks and the state of the art decentralized and multimodal communication processes allow us to reach internal and external audiences for all stakeholders buy-in and successful outcomes.



Leaving conventional workspaces behind, we learn, train, and teach in nature, where the needs and impacts of our collective actions can be felt first hand.


Meet the Team

Our Network and Partners

The power of collective thinking is manifest, in organizations, cultures and in nature. This is why we cherish to work with like minded partners in our network. Tapping into their expertise and the resources the project calls for.

Together we are better!

Do you wish to join our partner network to make a difference? Just drop us a line.

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